P26: Win free nights from Starwood and La Quinta with online slots [Hotels, Freebies, Games]

There are currently 2 online slot game promotions, one from Starwood (W, Westin, Le Meridien, etc.) and one from La Quinta; both give you chances to win points and/or free nights at their chains of hotels.

Take a Spin with SPG (through 2/7/14)

SPG game only allows for 2 spins per day, and the probability of winning is much smaller given it is a higher-end collection; however, you will be entered into drawings for free nights even if you do not win, and I have seen several friends win free nights from this game in recent weeks, so it doesn’t hurt to give it a try! Make sure to have your SPG number and e-mail address ready to play.

Take a Spin with SPG FreeStuffScavenger

La Quinta Returns Stay and Play (through 1/31/2014)

This game lets you play based on “points”, which refresh each day; you can also go for the “bonus spin” which gives you extra points to play with. I have already accumulated about 5,000 points, a little short of the 6,000 points at which redemption begins for free nights. You can log in to the game via Facebook and watch your points rack up!

La Quinta Returns LQ Stay and Play FreeStuffScavenger


P25: Emergen-C Class Action Settlement – $18-$36 Rebate [Free Money, Class Action]

Via this linkyou can file a claim for $36 with proof of purchase or $18 without proof of purchase for eligible Emergen-C products purchased between 6/1/2006 and 2/27/2012 . If you are like me and have purchased packets upon packets of these during flu season, here is a chance to get some of your money back!

The eligible products include:

  • Emergen-C Original Formula
  • Vitamin D & Calcium
  • ElectroMix
  • Kidz
  • Emergen-C Immune Plus
  • Super Gram tablets
  • Heart Health
  • Joint Health
  • Immune
  • MSM

Emergen-C $18-$36 Class Action Settlement

Emergen-C Class Action $18 $36 Settlement

P24: $25 credit from American Express for spending $75 on Amazon [Free Money, Freebies, Credit Cards]

Amex Sync has offered some great deals in the past and this is no exception – by following this link you can sign up any American Express credit card, spend $75 on Amazon (I just bought a $75 gift card), and American Express will post a statement credit in a few days to your account. This is a pretty awesome deal so sign up while the offer is still live!

$25 credit from American Express for spending $75 on Amazon

American Express Amex $25 credit for $75 spend on Amazon

P22: $15 Rebate from Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats purchases in 2008-2009 [Free Money, Class Action]

There is a class action application through 11/29/2013 where you can apply for a $5/box rebate on Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats purchases made between 2008-2009, due to unsubstantiated claims of improving kids’ cognitive functions. No proof of purchase is required.

$15 Rebate from Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats Purchases in 2008-2009

Mini-Wheats $15 Class Action Settlement

P21: Up to $50 rebate from Silk Soymilk/Horizon Milk class action settlement [Free Money, Class Action]

Here is another very popular brand that is offering customers rebates for past purchases due to mislabeling of ingredients. Although I have not saved my receipts for my grocery shopping in recent years, I know I have spent hundreds of dollars buying Silk Soymilk and Horizon Milk as it is one of the dominant brands in my metro area.

You can follow this link  to submit your information, estimate your purchases made between January 2005 and April 2013, and sign up for a refund. The procedure is similar to the Naked Juice settlement I have posted previously. Note that you must submit your claim by October 26, 2013 to receive your refund as part of the settlement.

Up to $50 cash refund for Silk Soymilk/Horizon Milk class action settlement

Horizon Milk Settlement $50 Cash Rebate

P20: Truly free $5 offer from American Express Sync for 1 TripAdvisor feedback [Freebies, Free Money]

There have been many American Express “Sync” offers floating around in the past 2-3 months, which promises $5-$20 cash back BUT only after you spend a much higher amount at participating retailers such as Whole Foods and Best Buy. However, there is now a true, free $5 offer from TripAdvisor!

All you have to do is follow this link and sign in to both your American Express account (with a credit or charge card) and your TripAdvisor account (or set up a new one). After that, leave a single feedback for a restaurant, city, attraction, or tour company you used while traveling domestically or abroad, wait for an approval in 24-48 hours, and a $5 statement credit will be applied to your credit card!

I am a big travel junkie and had no problem coming up with a review for a recent good (or bad) experience. This is a great way to add content to your TripAdvisor profile while getting rewarded for it!

American Express/TripAdvisor Sync $5 Statement Credit for Leaving 1 Review